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You have the Right to Choose

Even if your hospital system, insurance company or physician recommends you to their physical therapy department. Not all physical therapist or physical therapy departments are created equal. You deserve more than just a sheet of paper with exercise given to every person who walks through the door. Make sure the physical therapy care you receive is in your best interest, not the best financial interest of a hospital system, insurance company or physician. Choose a physical therapist with advance specialization, who will get you the results you are looking for in the shortest time possible. The therapists at have completed certifications and fellowships programs and continue to take advance training to provide you the best care available, anywhere.

Choose PT 1st

Unfortunately, musculoskeletal pain is often untreated, mistreated, and mismanaged in medicine Costly and unnecessary tests, like x-rays and MRIs, unneeded surgery, and narcotics (including opioids) are used to treat symptoms instead of the root cause. These treatments lead to higher costs, persistent or recurrent pain, activity limitations, loss of confidence and frustration. Biomechanical causes of your pain are usually overlooked but have been proven to be the most cost-effective treatment to you empower you to move better with less pain and limitations.

Most physical therapy and medical managements of orthopedic conditions focus on symptoms, never reaching a health positive outcome. This means you never achieve your ultimate potential, often slipping back into a health minus situation requiring costly medical interventions.

No Referral Needed.*

Also referred to as Direct Access. It is commonly believed but untrue that a referral is needed to see a physical therapist. Medical physicians specialize in medical conditions while physical therapists specialize in biomechanical issues that affect function and respond best to movement and precise manual therapy. Understanding this fact will save you time and money and get you to the right professional to get the care you need. If your condition requires the care of a physician we will refer you to your primary care provider or appropriate specialist. Not sure what to do? offers consultations through live online sessions or at our clinic to help you determine the best plan for you.

*Your insurances may require a physician referral as part of your policy agreement.

2nd Opinion

When should I seek a second opinion?

  • When you don’t feel like you are being heard.
  • When you are not being offered options or feel like they might not be comprehensive.
  • When your doctor recommends a serious, but non-emergency surgery.
  • Disappointment with your current treatment results.
  • When you are told there is nothing that can be done for your condition.
  • When your doctor recommends surgery as the ONLY treatment option.
  • When your condition is unresponsive or returns after treatment.
  • When the doctor is unable to give you an accurate diagnosis.

Don’t Give Up! You owe it to yourself to feel better, and at we have been fortunate to help people succeed when they thought there was no hope. It is amazing the type of results you can get when you start treating the causes of your problems, instead of just treating symptoms. If physical therapy is not appropriate for you, we will help you explore and understand your options to help you determine the next best step in your care.

Don’t Pay Too Much

Consider cost, credentials and satisfaction in determining the best value. Did you know that only $1 out of every $10 spent on healthcare goes towards patient care (Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business Review)? At Physical Therapy we believe in financial transparency. Hospital and physician own physical therapy practices charges are typically 3 times more than at . Often times they can’t or won’t be able to tell you how much your care will cost. You deserve to know how much your care will cost before you are treated.

Choosing to go out-of network

Most plans have out-of-network reimbursement. Many people think that if a practice is not in-network with their insurance, they can’t seek services at that clinic. The truth is, in most cases, you can work with a physical therapist who is out-of-network. In-network physical therapy providers have signed a contract with a health insurance company which allows the insurance company to determine your physical therapy needs, not you or your physical therapist. Many insurance companies put too much emphasis on their profit at the expense of quality care and their paperwork requirements often force your physical therapist to spend more time in front of a computer screen than actually treating you, the patient. While out-of-network benefits vary, we have discovered that out-of-network reimbursement is often comparable to in-network coverage in cost but you will find the quality of care at far superior.

At We Believe…

You should be able to rely on your body to do
what you need it to do, when you need it.

You deserve a body that isn’t defined or controlled by pain.

You deserve to experience life with your loved ones
and keep up with your kids or grandkids.

A high functioning, healthy body is the gateway to living your
best life and making lasting memories with your loved ones.

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