Emily Pocrnick

Before I began seeing Brian for Physical Therapy I was having upper and lower back pain as well as neck pain that caused headaches.  These challenges made me feel terrible. The lack of exercise paired with my injury usually creates a difficult cycle to get out of and that’s where Brian comes in.  After the first issue I had with my back, Brian had me back to running within 3-4 weeks. I just saw Brian again a month ago with back/SI pain and after just one visit I was able to go back to yoga at my regular 5-6 times per week cadence.  I have seen Brian many times throughout the past 5 five years. Each time I go in to see him I feel immediate relief right after my appointment. Brian has a way of looking at body pain/issues from a whole-body perspective. He doesn’t just provide you with a quick-fix to help immediate pain, he identifies the root causes for the pain/imbalances. Then he gives you prescriptive exercises to strengthen your areas of weakness to ensure that you stay healthy even when you aren’t seeing him. If you are looking to feel better fast, definitely consider treatment at .